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Pros and Cons of Electric Cigarettes

People who are exposed to cigarette smoking are prone to illnesses such as the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer. Of course, the advice to stop smoking becomes a personal issue especially for those who have been smoking for many years of their lifetime. Indeed, it takes time to quit and it needs thorough guidance for one individual to be fully free.

In response to the cessation of cigarette smoking, the use of electric cigarette or also known as vape became an alternative and “safer” option for people who want to stop the bad habit. During 2003, the use of vape was popularized in the market. This device has been used by those people who are not that confident enough to kick out the habit of smoking.

Whilst, others are so enthusiastic about the existence of the device which made them appreciate and started to make a support group for those who are willing to switch their smoking habits into a lesser form to ensure that health is maintained. However, according to reports, there are as well scrutiny of the device that made the consumers question about the cause, effect and the health benefits of an electronic cigarette. This includes the components of the device, such as vape juice, cartridges, battery, atomizers, and e-liquids.

How does an e-cigarette work?

This is powered by a portable type of device that includes its e-juice or liquid that acts as an agent for a smoking or vapor effect. This have a cylindrical shape and it is made purposely to look like a cigarette. As you puff the device the battery will heat up thereby causes the solution to create a vapor then inhale it.


It promotes healthier lifestyle- in comparison to cigarette smoking; vape is more of an alternative to meet the oral fixated needs. Until such time that you become independent on both the vape and cigarette.

Low risk chance of acquiring diseases- there are actually organic vape juices that you can choose rather than buying an e-liquid that have artificial flavours. So, this makes your vaping experience more enjoyable because of the different flavours of e-juice that you can choose. You are assured that its ingredients are organic and naturally made from plant extracts.

Results to quitting smoking- you won’t believe it yourself if you don’t try it. There are testimonies saying that electronic cigarettes have indeed made a great impact in their lives. The purpose of was after all successful and it is still continually helping others to truly commit in quitting smoking. A life changing encounter wherein a study and analysis was made during 2016 that involves almost 8,000 smokers reported to successfully quit smoking.


Despite the facts that there were studies and analysis involved to prove that e-cigarettes or vape are essential and beneficial to people that wants to stop smoking. Perhaps, six months of evaluation may be too early report a long last benefit. Moreover, the extent of using vape is beyond the risk of producing tar. There as well studies that show the use of electronic cigarette can cause the same level of damaging the DNA to the lungs as it also contains tobacco that can cause greater risk of having cancer.

In conclusion, there are ways for you to truly quit smoking. The use electronic cigarette device is an option especially if you are a chronic smoker. Between the pros and cons, it is a tough decision for you to think and weigh your options as to which do you think is healthier and promotes a proactive lifestyle.

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